BLDV acquisition of Harvest 360 to unleash breakthrough technology

Written by Marc Schwarz - January 29, 2019

Dots in a Box sounds like a Dr. Seuss title.

Instead it’s a potentially revolutionary technology that can transform the cannabis industry.

It’s also the centerpiece of the signed Letter of Intent for Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. to acquire Harvest 360 Technologies LLC today.

Harvest 360 Tech is both a technology holding company that licenses IP to cannabis operators and stakeholders, and a consulting firm that provides sustainable cannabis business development solutions. The LOI will make H360 Tech a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. an emerging growth company publicly traded on the OTC Markets (BLDV).

What is Dots in a Box?

Developed by Steven Baugh at Chemistry Mapping, it is a patent-pending technology that creates high-resolution scans of test samples  and then takes the data, using a mathematical analytical tool, to create a single dot in a 3D spatial model the corresponds to the fingerprint of the complete botanical components of this test sample – in this case any form of any cannabis sample. Harvest 360 Technologies acquired the patent from Chemistry Mapping earlier this year and has a strategic partnership with the inventor.

“We’re looking to correlate chemical profiles to outcomes,” Baugh says. “The strain game isn’t working. I can go to three different dispensaries and get three different versions of Sour Diesel, so what am I really getting?”

Or  more critically, he relates the effect inconsistency can have on children who suffer from Dravet syndrome. Researchers measured the number of seizures a child would have  and it could go from 80 a day down to five on a particular medical marijuana product. “The dispensary would run out and they’d have to go to a vendor to try and buy the same thing, but they may go to 12 seizures a day. So we could actually see the difference between batches of products. It was a specific example of the lack of standardization, the problem we will solve in the market,” Baugh explains.

The differences from batch to batch at the same dispensary? The reason, Baugh offers, may be that they harvested three days earlier than the previous one or had less powdery mildew – any or all of which, along with 100 other factors, can affect the chemical profile.

Baugh, who has a master’s in chemistry from Colorado School of Mines and over two decades of industry experience in extraction, analysis, quality assurance, developed Dots in a Box, a chemometric visualization of chemical profiles with downstream applications.

For David Serrano, Chief Technology Officer at Harvest 360, Dots in a Box “can create a map for companies to direct their genetic programs so that they can consistently produce those effects.” Serrano leads the consulting division of Harvest 360 and may offer this tool to companies and clients looking for competitive advantage in the cannabis industry.

Harvest 360 will use the Dots in a Box technology to spearhead its Athena Protocol, a strategy using formulations of non-psychoactive cannabinoids (especially cannabidiol) and other elements as a daily supplement to essentially “armor a soldier’s brain.” Devised by Harvest 360 CEO Todd Scattini, a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, the Athena Protocol was conceived find solutions for the Department of Defense to treat and mitigate traumatic brain injuries as well as reduce PTSD among soldiers and veterans.

Scattini will take over as CEO of Blue Diamond Ventures and Josh Alper will become the Chief Operating Officer. Clement Hayes, an accomplished cannabis IP attorney from Block45Legal, will be joining Blue Diamond Ventures as General Counsel.

For Serrano, a Hoboken native, this new venture can benefit his home state in multiple ways, including hiring employment – New Jersey has one of the nation’s highest veteran populations.

“Harvest 360 believes highly that we need to cultivate the workforce so that we can put out credible, valid information and help shape the future of this industry. A lot of these different markets are emerging and don’t have the sophistication or the support structures – New Jersey is perfect for it. The state has a huge knowledge base from researchers to pharmaceutical developers,” Serrano says.

Harvest 360’s mission is first and foremost is to develop the Athena Protocol, Serrano says, and “Dots in a Box was acquired to support that mission.”

Alper will use Dots in a Box and other IP from H360 Tech to generate revenue for Blue Diamond Ventures, by selling license agreements along with implementation support and product development.

“Generating money will give us access to additional capital to acquire more technology,” Alper says. “My specialty is capitalizing emerging technologies – that’s what I’ve done for the last 40 years in other industries prior to this. For me, cannabis is an emerging industry, both H360 Tech and BLDV are committed to science and social justice and I see tremendous potential for Blue Diamond moving forward.”

Dots in a Box can be  used differently depending who’s accessing the data. Growers, distributors, doctors, patients and regulators will all benefit, Baugh says.

For instance, Dots in a Box can direct customers to their favorite products or the Drug Enforcement Agency could use it in tracking diversion because Dots in a Box may be more accurate than testing for just THC content or even genetics.

“Genetics will lead you to 50 growers. The dots will take you right to the one guy,” Baugh says.

Serrano anticipates the technology benefiting any type of producer in the cannabis space from flower growers trying to determine which types to grow to universities doing research to pharmaceutical companies looking to develop cannabis-based medicines.

“Getting access to the data is half the battle,” he says.”Knowing how to deploy it and utilize it correctly is a completely different story. And we were built for that.”