Currently, over half of the United States and over 20 countries allow the legal production and sale of medicinal or adult use cannabis. This number will continue to grow, and present opportunities for market participation. However, these licenses to cultivate, manufacture, and dispense cannabis are often limited and extremely competitive to secure. We have extensive experience and a track record of working in competitive environments and enabling clients to join the successful few to be awarded cannabis business licenses.

Our Approach

A competitive application is the byproduct of a lot of things coming together. It is an intensive plan of how your business will succeed in a licensed market in a way that is consistent with the values of that state or country’s program values. It should be a compelling narrative of who your team is, why you will be a positive contributor to the community in which you are participating, and how patients and consumers will be serviced effectively in the market. Our comprehensive, individualized approach takes into account all of the factors that need to come together cohesively to demonstrate why an applicant is the best candidate for the award of licenses.

Because of how comprehensive the process is to make an applicant truly stand out, we are selective about which markets we engage in. We set up offices in markets that pass new legislation that allows for licenses to be awarded. This allows us to engage directly with regulators, advocates, lobbyists, industry groups, attorneys, municipal governments, economic and workforce development initiatives, commercial real estate, construction, zoning and permitting, patients, physicians, academic institutions, and diverse labor pools to ensure that our international experience and expertise aligns with a localized approach. We then consider how to align the values of the applicant with those of the state or country and local community, while optimizing strengths and fortifying gaps throughout the entire operation. Since winning a license is just the start, all the plans that come together for an application need to prepare and position the applicant for ongoing competitiveness once operations can begin.

Harvest 360 Offers

Personalized Cannabis License Application Technical Writing

Conceptualization, Roadmap, and Business Plan

Location Analysis and Conceptual Planning

Full-Service Business Planning

Community Engagement and Local Support

Diversity and Social Equity Planning

Regulatory Compliance and Audit Requirements

Security Planning

Facility Planning and Optimization

Financial Assessment and Review

Review Of All Government Requirements

Access to H360 Networks and Resources:
Nationally, Internationally, and In-State

Track Record

In the summer of 2018, Harvest 360 founders wrote a winning application in Virginia, our client, Dharma Pharmaceuticals was awarded 1 of 5 highly coveted full vertical licenses.

Since then, Harvest 360 has expanded the application writing department. Our expert team of writers have applied and won over 100 cannabis applications nationwide. Markets include AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, OH, MD, MO, MI, MT, NJ, VA, and WA.